Dipasena (1989 - 1998)  

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25 July 2018

Sjamsul Nursalim Party Unveils BDNI's BLBI Settlement Process
Sjamsul Nursalim's lawyer has sent a letter to President Joko Widodo to explain the KPK matter. complete story

25 July 2018

Sjamsul Nursalim in Singapore, Not a Fugitive
The lawyer for the Indonesian National Trade Bank (BDNI), said that Sjamsul is currently in Singapore. The lawyer emphasized that Sjamsul did not run away, because his status was not a suspect and he was free to live in any country. complete story

Tribun news,
23 July 2018

Liabilities Rp 4.8 Trillion From Exchange Rate Increases, Not Received by Nursalim, Farmers & Dipasena
The total liability of Rp 4.8 trillion charged by the KPK Prosecutor to the obligor Sjamsul Nursalim turned out to be the effect of the rupiah exchange rate fluctuation against the US dollar at the time. complete story

22 July 2018

KPK Clear Disorientation of Proof in SKL Case
The Public Prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is seen as misleading in proving the allegations of corruption related to the issuance of a Certificate of Lunas ( SKL ) for the obligor Sjamsul Nursalim, which put the former Chairman of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency ( IBRA ) Sjafruddin Arsyad Temenggung as the defendant. complete story

20 July 2018

Otto Denies Syafruddin's Statement on Farmers Debt
According to Otto, SATís statement related to his client just completing the debt shortfall obligation amounting to Rp 428 billion and the delivery of 12 companies, including PT Dipasena Citra Darmadja (DCD), are incorrect because he wasnít the Head of IBRA. complete story

18 July 2018

Cabinet Meeting and Decision of KKSK Became the Basic of the issuance of SKL BLBI
The Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Certificate (BLL) given to Sjamsul Nursalim obligors has legal and binding legal force, as it is produced through a series of official discussions at the Cabinet Meeting and approved by the Financial Sector Policy Committee (KKSK). complete story

Business Indonesia,
17 July 2018

SKL BLBI Issued Based on KKSK Cabinet Meeting and Decision
The Certificate of Settlement (SKL) granted to the obligor Sjamsul Nursalim is deemed to have a valid and binding legal force as it is produced through a series of official discussions in the Cabinet Meeting and approved by the Financial Sector Policy Committee (KKSK). complete story

17 July 2018

Surat Keterangan Lunas BLBI Diterbitkan Berdasarkan Rapat Kabinet dan Keputusan KKSK
Surat Keterangan Lunas (SKL) yang diberikan kepada obligor Sjamsul Nursalim dinilai memiliki kekuatan hukum yang sah dan mengikat karena dihasilkan melalui serangkaian pembahasan resmi dalam Rapat Kabinet dan disetujui oleh Komite Kebijakan Sektor Keuangan (KKSK). complete story

12 July 2018

BLBI Case: Disclosure of Case Goes Against Legal Certain Principles
Former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD considers the disclosure of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance case that has a permanent legal power, similar to the legal certainty guarantee of every Indonesian citizen. complete story

Bisnis Indonesia,
2 July 2018

Cases of BLBI, MSAA and R & D are Legitimate Policies
The Master of Settlement and Acquisition Agreement (MSAA) and Release and Discharge (R & D) issued for the settlement of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) case are considered legally, final and binding. complete story

28 June 2018

Do Not Mix Up Problems With BLBI Settlement
Financial and banking observer, Eko Supriyanto, considered it very unfair to mix up all the problems with the settlement of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI), as if everything is corruption. complete story

7 June 2018

BLBI Case, Former Minister of Finance Said Sjamsul Nursalim Cannot Be Prosecuted Again
The former Head of IBRA and Minister of Finance Bambang Subianto was a witnesses presented by the Public Prosecutor in the alleged criminal corruption case of Bank Indonesia Liquidity License (SKL) for Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia (BDNI) with the defendant Syafruddin Arsyad Temenggung in the Central Jakarta Corruption Court. complete story

Media Indonesia,
6 June 2018

BPK Audit
Often we are surprised, Indonesia that has been given so many natural resources is not able to make people live prosperously. Almost 73 years after our independence, there are still many citizens of this nation who live in poverty. Instead we see another nations that have just recently built their country, so quickly change and begins to leave us. complete story

4 June 2018

Weak Legal Certainty Trigger Business Demotivation
The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) assesses that legal certainty in Indonesia is still very weak, so it can trigger demotivation or loss of entrepreneur's passion to invest in Indonesia. complete story

2 September 2017

Letter Regarding Misleading BLBI Reports
Building a strong economy and creating jobs calls for respect of contracts and agreements so that businesses can confidently invest in developing Indonesia. It is therefore extremely disappointing to see the return of misleading reports on the BLBI policy that occurred almost 20 years ago. complete story

19 May 2017

Dengan adanya berbagai pemberitaan tentang penyelesaian Bantuan Likuditas Bank Indonesia (BLBI) kepada Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia (BDNI) pada sejumlah media akhir‐akhir ini, guna meluruskan pemberitaan tersebut, maka untuk dan atas nama Klien kami, Sjamsul Nursalim (Klien) complete story

19 May 2017

Bahwa sehubungan dengan pemberitaan yang seakan‐akan masih ada kekurangan pembayaran oleh Klien kami sejumlah Rp.3,7 T. Dengan ini kami sampaikan bahwa hal itu tidak benar. complete story

19 May 2017

In recent news reports it has been implied that there had been a shortage of payment of Rp.3,7 T by our Client. We would like to clarify that this information is not correct. complete story

Harian Bisnis Indonesia,
7 September 2016
Harian Bisnis Indonesia

Kewajiban Sjamsul Nursalim Selesai
Pemilik kelompok bisnis Gajah Tunggal Sjamsul Nursalim tak lagi memiliki kewajiban apapun terkait dengan dana bantuan likuiditas bank indonesia (BLBI). Hal itu mengacu surat keterangan lunas dari BPPN dan Kementrian Keuangan. complete story

Jakarta Post,
30 December 2014
Jakarta Post

Letter to Editor to Jakarta Post
Article on 24 December 2014 suggests that Mr Sjamsul Nursalim has not repaid the liquidity support and had colluded with public officials. These allegations have no basis. complete story