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Harian Bisnis Indonesia,
7 September 2016
Harian Bisnis Indonesia

Kewajiban Sjamsul Nursalim Selesai
Pemilik kelompok bisnis Gajah Tunggal Sjamsul Nursalim tak lagi memiliki kewajiban apapun terkait dengan dana bantuan likuiditas bank indonesia (BLBI). Hal itu mengacu surat keterangan lunas dari BPPN dan Kementrian Keuangan. complete story

Jakarta Post,
30 December 2014
Jakarta Post

Letter to Editor to Jakarta Post
Article on 24 December 2014 suggests that Mr Sjamsul Nursalim has not repaid the liquidity support and had colluded with public officials. These allegations have no basis. complete story

The Straits Times,
4 September 2008
ST Forum

Indonesian businessman rebuts report
The contents of your report attributed to wire agencies headlined, 'Corrupt businesswoman jailed' (July 30) may be read to misleadingly impute Mr Sjamsul Nursalim in a grave and damaging manner. complete story

The Business Times,
25 July 2008
Letters to the Editor

Nursalim never charged with embezzlement
Your article "Indonesian VP stands by A-G under fire to quit" (BT, June 21) perpetuates inaccurate imputations that are severe and gravely damaging to Sjamsul Nursalim.
You cited a case that “revolves around billions of dollars in emergency liquidity funds allegedly embezzled by banker Sjamsul Nursalim”.
While there is a case related to a businesswoman, Mr Nursalim has not met nor spoken to her for many years and there are no grounds for any ties to the case, let alone allegations.
complete story

10 September 2007
Letters to the Editor

A Debt Honored in Indonesia
Your July 23 Article "Ties That Bind" may be read to incorretly suggest that Sjamsul Nursalim has not fully honored a debt to the Indonesian goverment agency IBRA. Nursalim has fully repaid IBRA. complete story

The Jakarta Post,
21 April 2004

Big debtors cleared
The Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), which will entirely shut down its operations later this month, has been busy pressuring large debtors to settle their debts to the government. complete story

Business Times,
15 April 2004

Two more ex-bank owners to be declared debt-free
The government will soon declare debt-free status for former bank owners Sjamsul Nursalim and Bob Hasan, as the two have almost settled their debts to the state, The Jakarta Post reported yesterday. complete story

Far East Economic Review ,
10 January 2004

Letter to Far East Economic Review Editor submitted 11 December 2003
We refer to your article headlined “Indonesia – Talk is Cheap But Bailouts are Costly” (FEER Dec 11, 2003) and are dismayed by the misleading representation of the Gadjah Tunggal Group and its founder, Sjamsul Nursalim. complete story

Asian WallStreet Journal,
17 January 2003

In the Clear
Your Jan.6 article, "Indonesia Hopes to Close Books on Bank Bailout," gives the inappropriate suggestion that the World Bank views Sjamsul Nursalim as a recalcitrant debtor. In fact, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund gave their blessing for the Master settlement agreement, and we have met with the bank since.
complete story

The Jakarta Post,
19 December 2002

Gajah Tunggal clarifies
Your article published on Dec. 2 titled “Sjamsul Nursalim, profile of a bad debtors” was unfair, tendentious and injurious. It did not reflect the balanced reporting deserving of The Jakarta Post. Your reporter made no attempt to solicit input from the primary party even though our channels have always been open. Nor were there objective efforts made to investigate the underlying documents yourselves to report the truth. complete story